Friday, February 27, 2009

Pay it Forward

Taking this great idea from Tara over at Not so Perfect I am participating in paying it forward.

The rules are simple:
The first 3 people to post a comment on this entry will receive a gift from me sometime during the year.When and what are a surprise to the winners!
Then, post about this on your blog & come back and leave your comment telling me you are Paying It Forward as well.
Only the first 3 comments that leave a comment and post this on their blog gets the prize. So who wants to pay it forward?

What a great idea!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Passing on the gift of giving....

This is a great idea for giving to others! The first five people who respond to this post will be lucky enough to get something made by me. The rules to this are as follows:
1. Hopefully you will like what I make, but there is not a guarantee on that fact.
2. This will be done this year at the very least.
3. This will be a surprise just for you, there is not telling what it might be.
4. The last rule is that you must re - post this on your blog and follow suit for five more people!

Leave me a comment when you have done so, the first five to comment are in for a real treat!
Of course I also expect pictures when you get your great prize! Have fun with this!