Thursday, October 14, 2010

Visit my Amazon Store!!!!!

I have an Amazon Storefront that you must see! Great products at very low prices.. what a great way to use those Amazon giftcards earned through Swagbucks or various other methods. I absolutely love Amazon, they have such a wide variety of products and the prices really speak for themselves! Here is a link to my store... check it out.. you will not be disappointed!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get your Avon!!!

Hello ladies... it has been a while and things have been super crazy in my life. I recently moved into a new place with a roommate. She is a single mother like myself and also has a little girl. Much easier to do things with the help of someone else! I am always looking into new job ventures... my newest one is that I am an AVON lady! Avon is a great company that has many products, great cosmetics, love their skincare lines and fun children's products. Here is a link to my personal site if anyone would like to order. You can have your order shipped directly to you! Let me know if anyone has any questions!!!