Monday, April 6, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

I have to say that since I started planning the meals for the week ahead of time life is so much easier! I love the fact that I know what is for dinner more than five minutes before I make that last minute decision!

Monday - Homemade chicken noodle soup (munchkin is sick and made a personal request)
Tuesday - Garlic Lemon Chicken, rice and veggies
Wednesday - Chicken Quesadillas and Rice
Thursday - Tacos and Salad
Friday - Chicken Alfredo
Saturday - leftovers or dinner out
Sunday - Easter dinner with family

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mean Little Boys....

I took Miss Chloe to an Easter Egg Hunt at my work, which had to be inside on this lovely day of rain. Each kid was supposed to get about six eggs, so as to give each kid the opportunity to get some and have fun. This one boy grabbed a whole basket full despite the instructions. And his mother did nothing about it at all! My poor little one only got 2 eggs and cried because she was so upset. Luckily the organizers gave her a special little gift pack and saved the day. She was smiling again in just moments.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Shopping day at Aerie and Victoria's Secret

So I went to the mall yesterday to get my free monthly gift from Aerie. I am part of the A List club and get a free gift when I go to the store on a Thursday. This goes all year long! I also had some coupons to use at Victoria's Secret for a free lotion, free lip gloss and free tote. I also got a surprise gift card that will be worth at least $10 but could be worth $500! Not a bad shopping day if I do say so myself.


I have been looking into various ways to earn money or gift cards online that do not require a lot of time. My favorite method is Swagbucks. It is a search engine that rewards you for searching through them. I have been a member since the beginning of the year and have earned enough swagbucks to get $25 in Amazon gift cards. I am working on saving up for Christmas this year to help with this economy. Follow the link below to check it out for yourself!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dating Sucks.....

So, I broke down and joined in hopes of finding someone to connect with. I am tired of being alone and sick of the people I meet at the bar that only want one thing. I met this guy and talked to him for three weeks on the phone. We went on a date over the weekend and it was not great. We did not have that connection at all, no sparks, not chemistry. Then to make things worse, he assumed that I would drive him home after the date when we met there, kind of weird and a big assumption on his part. It is so frustrating. I just want to find someone who is not only into getting laid, but wants to find someone to share their life with. Is that too much to ask?